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Feminine Flow: The Universe Doesn't Want Us to be Orphans; ADHD, PMDD, and more

"Be here. Be uncomfortable if you need to, but just be here."

Come for a ride with my distractable mind as I discuss:

  • Being diagnosed with ADHD in adulthood

  • ADHD symptoms and hormonal cycles

  • Finally realizing my Major Depressive Disorder was actually PMDD

  • My first therapeutic psychedelic journey

  • How the universe doesn't want us to be orphans

  • Selfishness in the parent/adult-child relationship

  • Cultivating inner parents to reparent the inner children

  • Spiritual bypassing in manifestation

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The Hungry Feminine
Feminine Flow
Hang out with me in these long-form, unstructured videos where I chat freely about various topics and follow my random thoughts ADHDishily.