Feminine Flow: In The Beginning

Wherein I amuse myself with a wandering mind in this long-form video series


I find myself tempted to describe this video series as a “ramble” and a “meandering of thought,” and perhaps that’s all true, even if those terms sound somewhat like a self-deprecation.

The goal is to give space to my voice when it decides it’s got something to say. And instead of dampening it with a plan of action and a bottom line to offer, I’m leaning into the spontaneity and authenticity of just having something to say, even if I don’t entirely know what it is.

In this first video, I ponder a lot.

I talk about religion and expand a bit on the most recent podcast episode of Feed the Feminine about the authority we give away.

I share my partner's philosophy on using information to inoculate himself from being captured by external authority.

I use the construction noise in the background to bolster my mindfulness practices.

I use the hot-cold empathy gap to explain how I dampened my creativity within The Hungry Feminine by using too much masculine structure and how I'm correcting that now.

And of course, the adhd side plots are rich and abundant and sometimes just ridiculous.

It's a good time.

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