You’re an emotional being.

So am I.

Let’s explore the depths of being human.

The Feminine Revival is well underway — is this the moment you’ve been waiting for?

Have you awakened to your inner authority?

Do you own a sense of wonder about your emotions?

Do you allow yourself to be multifaceted and imperfect?

Each one of us is a work in progress. Here’s my progress.

Marion Woodman said it best: "When I say the feminine, I don't mean gender. I mean the feminine principle that is living — or suppressed — in [all genders]"

The feminine supports the parts of ourselves that tend to our emotional, relational, and spiritual wellbeing, historically overlooked components of our health, wealth, and worth.

Guiding You Through Your Heroine’s Journey

If you find yourself traversing the underworld, exploring the depths of your unconscious, confronting shadow, and seeking ways to integrate your archetypal feminine and masculine aspects, you are in the right place. The Heroine’s Journey differs from the Hero’s Journey, not per gender, but per archetypal realm. If the content here resonates with you, you may be on the path of the former. Welcome.

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Hi, I’m Vanessa, a neurodivergent, multi-passionate
feeler, creative, and guardian of solitude.

I’m also the founder of The Hungry Feminine and host of
Feed the Feminine, a podcast dedicated to reviving archetypal feminine qualities in a masculine-dominated culture.

I coach, mentor, and consult with individuals who are looking to deepen their relationship with the archetypal feminine and masculine or explore themes of disconnect, dissatisfaction, and inertia in their life.

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Any gender can have a more dominant feminine or masculine, but when the two aren't in moderate balance, suffering may occur. 

We can see this at systemic and societal levels in Western cultures, where masculine qualities such as acquisition, authority, competition, aggression, structure, consumption, material, and action are rewarded, and feminine qualities such as empathy, imagination, community, creativity, nature, intuition, vulnerability, and stillness are dismissed as weak or a waste of time. This collective rejection unconsciously reinforces individual rejection of our most intimate feminine qualities as assimilating to a masculine-dominated culture becomes necessary for survival.

Join Others Who Honor Their Emotional Self Too

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The Hungry Feminine seeks to revive archetypal feminine qualities and repair what's been damaged in its long-standing cultural repression, not to the extermination of the masculine but in collaboration with it, so that we may become whole again.

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